CP International, Inc.
CPI’s operation principle is “Based on Service, Striving for Excellence.”

Value and Satisfaction

At CP International, Inc., we focus on customer satisfaction by providing them with high quality products, extraordinary customer service, and a competitive price.

                         Drilling Rigs
                               Based on years of manufacturing
                               experience, CPI can supply the ...
                               Rig Components
                               F-Series Mud pumps are rated
                               at long stroke length and
                               relatively low strokes per minute...                     
                               Well Control System
BOP is developed for the
                               control of underbalanced drilling ...


Welcome To CP International, Inc. (CPI)
CP International, Inc. (CPI) is a Texas corporation established in 1999 as a major supplier specializing in petroleum and petrochemical materials, equipment and technology to the U.S. and Mexico energy market.

Based on our strong manufacturing capability and technical edge, CPI’s manufacturing facilities can provide customers a full range of petroleum materials and equipment for upstream and downstream. All the CPI manufactures are API or ISO certified.
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